Blue Monday 2020: How Brands can Get a Smile :)

Learn how some Brands use Blue Monday as a great opportunity to connect closer with their customers.

Blue Monday 2020: How Brands Can Get a Smile 🙂

There’s no doubt about it January is a tough month! Most likely your last pay-check was mid December meaning your bank account looks more like a dry river bed. The dark mornings and cold, wet weather of the post-Christmas apocalypse seem never ending now, and New Year’s resolutions now seem completely ridiculous and far stretched. It’s no wonder that by the third Monday in January most people are on the brink of emotional collapse. 


A healthy diet and exercise has been proven to lift spirits and maintain wellness in the dark months of the Irish winter. People eat what they feel, so if we’re not feeling good or “blue” we normally don’t eat well. If we look at the period before the New Year in terms of search trends for “healthy food options”, it spikes before Christmas has even started! This might indicate that people are already thinking about the healthy lifestyle regime post-Christmas or even starting earlier with a leaner Christmas diet knowing what gloom January normally brings.

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In terms of marketing activations this data reflects January is well in the minds of people prior to Christmas for healthy food options. Taking this into account, it’s worth questioning… is Blue Monday really the most depressing day of the year?

Keyword Topic: “Healthy Food Options”

Blue Monday 2020: How Brands can Get a Smile :)

Courtesy of Google Search Trends Ireland. 

‘Blue Monday’ falls on the third Monday in January. Although its origins are more commercially focused on marketing travel holidays it’s received lots of criticism over the years from mental health organisations as being a copout and not to be used for commercial gain. To them saying that Blue Monday is “the most depressing day of the year” makes no sense as depression and mental illness are a continual state of mind and shouldn’t be highlighted nor personified on one particular calendar date.

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However, some brands leverage ‘Blue Monday’ to cheer people up and bring them together, encouraging more to share and make contact with each other.   

Inglot Cosmetics, is one such brand that launched a campaign last year for ‘Blue Monday 2019’, inviting local business owners into their nearest stores for a private customised makeup session. It provided a really good opportunity for local businesses to network, have a bit of fun and show their creative side using the brands product line. 

Courtesy of Inglot Cosmetics

There are other options to consider for Blue Monday that don’t involve commercial gain. 

Blue Monday provides the perfect opportunity for your business to help others in need. Charities are always looking for a helping hand so why not use Blue Monday to do something positive and partner with a charity. Dive in and help their cause, make a donation or share information about them to boost awareness…it all helps!

Blue Monday 2020: How Brands can Get a Smile!

Some countries mark January 2oth as a national holiday.

Martin Luther King Day

In the US, January 20th is celebrated as  Martin Luther King Jr. Service Day #MLKDAY is a national holiday celebrating Martin Luther’s life and commitment to civil rights. It encourages all Americans to volunteer and turn to their communities and look for ways to actively improve and support them. 


Use Social Media – Don’t Sell – Be Funny!

Blue Monday 2020: How Brands can Get a Smile :)

Using Blue Monday for commercial gains could have a negative impact on your brand’s public perception, as mentioned there are strong opinions about it’s relevance and impact on those who suffer with mental illness. Think creative about how you can engage with your audience, share something funny about your team, use gamification in your social posts, encourage your audience to engage with you or a member of your team by sharing something funny about them, once it’s harmless fun it’s all good!  


Simply Say – Thank You!

Many eCommerce companies don’t leverage their marketing data in the right way. Use your customers shopping history to identify who are the most frequent and loyal to your brand. These are your brand ambassadors, they’re most likely to refer you to friends and the source for the majority of your online sales. Simply saying thank you with a personalised email can make all the difference. 

Key Takeaways.

  • Be genuine and creative in your intentions.
  • Take time to support others, local charities are always a good place to start.
  • Leverage your marketing and eCommerce data to say thank you to your most loyal customers. 


Don’t make Blue Monday so gloomy use it as an opportunity to get a smile 🙂

Blue Monday is only one of many key dates through out the commercial calendar year that you can use to connect closer with your customers. If you are keen to know more about how to drive engagement through strategic marketing activations please reach out and contact izest Marketing Group here.