Clever Brands Supporting ‘social distancing’.

Clever brands have been innovative and creative in supporting social distancing.

It’s a hard time for some brands to connect and stay relevant with their customers. Some of the worlds biggest, like VW, Audi and McDonalds have temporally changed their logo design to reflect the importance of social distancing. Others they have embarked on innovative ways to encourage social distancing whilst remaining connected with their audiences. 

‘Business As Usual’ can be a bit insensitive or tone-deaf as the global impact of the coronavirus has affected nearly every business that’s not classified as essential. It’s time for Brands to be more innovative in order to survive, as consumer behaviour shifts in the shadow of the coronavirus.

Don’t Retreat – React, Be Innovative!

So where does this leave B2C Brands?

Some clever brands are shifting their marketing tactics to support social distancing in an effort to stay relevant with their audiences in these adverse times.

One international brand that has kept adapting to the rapid changes from it’s own government’s COVID-19 regulations is BrewDog

They launched a drive thru off licence service with their ‘Hop Drop App’  to support and adapt to the UK’s new ‘social distancing’ measures that forced closure of all bar and restaurants in the UK.

Once this escalated to a total ‘lockdown’ with only essential businesses being allowed to remain open, BrewDog opened an online virtual bar with live entertainment.


They’ve also given back to the community and shown encouraging support by being innovative and resourceful. Developing and supplying their own free sanitizing products for local NHS services and also offering their logistical services for kids ‘school lunch’ deliveries whilst they are self isolating. 

Brands supporting ‘social distancing’.

Some other examples closer to home are the likes of Guinness, messaging the importance to stay-at-home and to recognise and appreciate social distancing.

How clever Brands are supporting ‘social distancing’.


Irish sporting organisations like Rugby Players Ireland have embarked on a campaign to leverage the influence of their key rugby figures and embassadors, to communicate to the younger generation the importance of maintaining social distancing with “don’t pass it on” slogans. 

An Post also launched a unique marketing activity to encourage communities to come together by staying apart, sending letters, postcards and packages to one another with their ‘Come Together, Write Now’ campaign.

Brands supporting ‘social distancing’.

The written word is a powerful thing, so embrace it and come together. Write Now!

 Finding the correct path in terms of your brand communication mix can be difficult at this time, there is so much noise on social media about COVID-19. However, go dark now and your customers will most likely forget you when things get back to some sort of normality. 

Here are some headline tips that can help you include your support for ‘social distancing’ within your brand’s social media strategy.  

  1. Monitor your social media through social listening, try to ascertain what your communication mix should be to show support for social distancing, what are your competitors talking about?
  2. Use this time to connect closer with your customers – do not embark on promotional activities for commercial gain!
  3. Avoid spreading negativity about social distancing, pay attention to your ‘tone of voice’, continue to make people aware of the risks and dangers and their social responsibilities.
  4. Promote awareness of these risks through empathy, useful information and consideration for other peoples efforts to get the message across about social distancing.
  5. Think of how you can develop a positive tone of voice about social distancing through a community based campaign to encourage more communication from your audience.

Social media for a brand is vitally important to keep it relevant with its audience and even more so now in this era of uncertainty. Understanding your industry and the wider audience is also just as important. 

Reach out to your community, share useful information, be supportive to others efforts. Use this time to build your audience and connections by being empathetic, genuine and looking for participation from your followers.