Time to Embrace Your Fans

Leveraging User Generated Content

When talking about social media marketing, there is always chatter about the ability to gain followers and enhance brand awareness with a focus on creating a community of engaged fans. At izest we often talk with our clients about the importance of leveraging user generated content to embrace their fans.

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But there is often not enough talk on how to engage with that community. There are many avenues for creating engagement but a preferred tactic is user-generated content (UGC). This type of content marketing has been around for a while but unlike most trends, the popularity of it has only increased throughout the years. So what does this mean? Quite simply, it means that it’s time to start embracing fans if you’re really concerned with fostering a community on your social media channels.

1. Prove You’re Authentic

Across every industry, consumers are becoming less trustworthy of advertising and relying more on the opinions of friends and peers. This can be seen in the continuing rise in popularity of review sites, most notably TripAdvisor for the hospitality industry. UGC is helpful because it allows brands to adopt a show not tell a strategy. Fitzpatrick Hotels Group located in New York City could use their own images and words to inform consumers that their hotels are perfect for a date night. However, having recent customer relay that message creates a greater and more influential impact on future consumers.

2. You can have quality and quantity

Smartphones are becoming more ubiquitous in today’s world and the quality of the camera’s they house will only continue to improve. While photographers will still have an advantage in terms of quality that benefit isn’t as big as it used to be. Take this photo for example. It was taken by a young millennial shopper at Mirqab Mall. It’s an amazing shot and if you scroll through the Mall’s location tag there are plenty more. Popular brands can have access to hundreds of photos that are of good quality. It’s not an either-or situation.

3. Spend More Wisely

Coupled with the ability to have good images is the fact that its low cost. Running a popular competition or campaign where the focus is to publish user-generated content can allow brands to have photos and pay a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional photographer. A great photo promoting FLiK’s Cinemas without having to do a photo shoot.

4. Speak Beyond Your Channels

User-generated content has the ability to live beyond a brand’s social media channels. Fans can post about the channel on their own feeds to their friends and families. This in a way turns fans into brand advocates. If consumers are speaking positively about your brand on their channels, there really is no value that can be placed on the impact of positive brand sentiment.

5. This is for the Fans

Social media started out as a way to connect people. The first intention was not the massive e-commerce platform that it has evolved into. Brands should embrace the roots of social media and remember that content is for the fans. So give them a shout-out and show some appreciation.

We have highlighted the importance of user-generated content in the development of social media marketing strategies for some of our clients.Its cost effective, engaging and builds brand advocacy. If you want to enhance your marketing strategy to embrace your fans or looking for other ways to drive engagement then why not give us a call?

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