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Generation Z – A Marketer’s Case Study


Generation Z is coming of age and their buying power is growing. With people under 25 now accounting for 41% of the world’s population, this generation can no longer be ignored by marketers.

It is estimated that Gen Z will account for 40% of global consumers this year. Thus making Gen Z, an important demographic to start considering when building marketing audiences. Gen Z regards themselves as the thinkers, creators and leaders of tomorrow, as they continue to grow in age and accumulate more buying power, this group will be necessary to consider.

When comparing Gen Z to millennials they differ widely in attributed personality types and would require distinct messaging. Differing from their predecessors, they are not as impressionable, will happily break the moulds previously set for them and encourage a sustainable way forward. Gen Z are ‘always on’ meaning they know the latest updates and current trends. It is their digitally focused nature that allows them to be fueled by their knowledge of what is going on in the world around them.


This generation is focused on mental health, social care issues, leadership in the workplace, climate change and other social issues in a way that impacts their purchasing decisions. A recent study by Facebook revealed that 38% of European Gen Zers would consider shopping with consideration for sustainable products.

When marketing towards Gen Z, there needs to be more emphasis on showcasing diversity, the quality of the products, and how products or ingredients are sourced. More brands will have to make a point to showcase corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and a stance on issues if they want to gain market share with this generation.

Generation Z are an active generation both online and offline. When looking at personality traits, many list ‘driven’ and ‘fast learners’ among their top attributes. This would answer the question of why 58% have focused on learning a new skill or educating themselves on a new topic of interest since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. A focus on learning and continual growth is what makes this generation more interesting, they expect your brand to extend beyond creative boundaries towards meaningful content. When it comes to crafting an online presence with Generation Z, there needs to be more thought than to merely exist. 87% of European Gen Zers are using Instagram on a daily basis and with most of them becoming passive ‘listeners’, it will be up to brands and influencers to provide meaningful content. With the rise of influencer marketing, brands can adapts a growing strategy to use to reach these users. Brands need to adopt the role of creator or work alongside independent creators like influencers or media companies to help them breakthrough. Generation Z are not impulsive decision makers in fact, only 19% describe themselves as such in Europe, this highlights the responsibilities that a brand has to truly be individualist in the market.

With the correct strategy and marketing, the impacts of successfully marketing towards Gen Z can generate great results for a young or established brand. Generation Z although incredibly conscious also highly prioritise convenience. Instagram is popular right now due to its incredible convenience of Instagram Shopping and the variety of content that can be used to showcase products on the platform. According to Instagram, for 48% of Gen Z their impression of a brand would improve if that brand engaged more on Instagram.

Key Takeaways

In essence when creating a plan for reaching Gen Z, the following should be considered:

  • Showcase Your Values

Gen Z has used their beliefs to influence their purchasing decisions like no other generation. If trying to target this audience make sure that you have social media content and information on your website that outlines a mission to sustainability, diversity, and any other social issues that the company is active in.

  • Use Social Media to Connect

This generation is defined by the fact that they are molded by social media. Use this as an opportunity to connect with them instead of only trying to sell them products. By inhabiting a community spirit, the brand will have more of a lifelong impact for consumers

  • Craft Meaningful Content

Tied to the fact that Gen Z is always online is the fact that they have a better understanding of how social media operates than older generations. This means that they won’t be wowed or won over by generic content or the existence of a social media page. Focus on creating meaningful content that will get noticed and start a conversation.

izest Marketing has a thorough understanding of the research and strategy to engage with Generation Z and other age demographic groups. If you’re looking for guidance on how to improve your marketing strategy or website, then reach out to the team at [email protected]


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