Hacking Instagram

How to Beat Instagram’s Dreaded Algorithm to Improve Reach

Algorithms. Algorithms. Algorithms. Today, a discussion about social media strategy can’t forget to mention that dreaded word. Every time a social media platform adjusts their algorithms, marketers shudder in fear as it often leads to lower reach and engagement for their company pages. This has been true for Facebook, and their sister company Instagram is no exception. The chronological feed is dead and while recent changes to the algorithm prioritize new content, content from family and friends will be higher up in the feed than brands. To get back on people’s feed’s and stay there content will not only need to be seen but engaged with. Explore the techniques in how to hack and beat Instagram’s dreaded algorithm with the following strategy.

Optimize Posting Times

Instagram insights don’t provide a wealth of information but take advantage of the data that is provided. One feature allows you to see when your followers are on the app. Use this insight to consider what times are optimal for posting. Try to post during these hours to increase engagement. Getting likes and comments in the first hours of posting is extremely important. This signals to Instagram that the content is good and the algorithm will show it on more people’s feed. As you gain new followers, keep checking on what the optimal posting times will be for your audience.

Promote Posts Only on Instagram

Instagram posts promoted through Facebook Business Manager can be displayed on both Facebook and Instagram. If this is how you’re promoting posts, try displaying some posts on Instagram only. Or if you don’t use Facebook Business Manager, promote posts through Instagram directly. Before spending freely, create a budget and reasonable expectations. By promoting exclusively on Instagram, you’re guaranteeing that all of the impressions and reach are coming directly from the app and not Facebook. When a promoted post is shown on both platforms, there is no way to see where the impressions are coming from. Furthermore, A/B tests can be conducted to see which posts are performing better. This strategy is solely for improving your Instagram page so spending needs to come exclusively from there.

Experiment with Hashtags

Hashtags are still an important part of Instagram. The app is encouraging users to utilize them more by allowing people to follow a specific hashtag. This means they’ll be shown content that uses the hashtag even if they don’t follow the page. People also consume stories featuring specific hashtags so make sure that a separate strategy is used for this feature. A good hashtag strategy isn’t about only reaching more followers but reaching more followers that matter. Look into using hashtags that are going to help you get users that are interested in your content. Being discovered is nice but getting a loyal fan base that can drive conversions is better. POCO by Pippa has a simple but great hashtag strategy that incorporates branded hashtags. This refers to hashtags that are associated with a brand. Scroll through the #mypocos hashtag to discover thousands of women that have posted pictures in the jeans. This helps to make the brand discoverable, encourages engagement, and creates social proof. After creating a strategy use the insights to see how many people are viewing posts from hashtags. If the results aren’t there then look at creating a new strategy.

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Don’t Neglect the Text

Some people will read your text. It is true that most people will scroll past the words and only focus on the image or video but writing great copy is another way to engage with users. Don’t waste an opportunity to reach a part of your audience especially since if they chose to read the comment that means they are very interested in your content.

When it comes to social media marketing strategy, many brands are unaware of the thought and strategy that goes into every post. Leveraging social media has been proven to create brand awareness and drive conversions. This is why it is recommended that every brand establish a prominent presence on the social media channels that suit them and their target audience.

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