5 Eco- Friendly Brand Activations for Earth Day!



This Monday, April 22nd, we celebrated Mother Earth and everything that we love about nature while highlighting the importance of taking care of the planet. In recent years, more brands have taken the effort to make a statement about environmental issues including changing their businesses practices to be more sustainable. Part of this is that companies care but a more economic view is that  66% of consumers are willing to spend more on a product if it comes from a sustainable brand (Nielsen, 2015). This year, dozens of well-known brands participated in the conversation on Earth Day.  Here are our five favourite brand activations that celebrated Mother Earth.

1. The North Face


Earth Day isn’t a national holiday but it was for the North Face. This Monday, they closed all of their stores and started a Change.org petition to encourage legislators to make the day a national holiday. A week before the big day, the company launched “Explore Mode,” an initiative that had exploration themed activities including a 90s-themed concert, culinary experiences, and an art exhibition.

Explore Mode is going global with other events planned in London, Manchester, Munich, and Paris.

2. Snapchat and the UN


The United Nations teamed up with Snapchat to help raise awareness about the rising sea levels across the world. Using a special Lens, Snapchat allowed users to see how rising sea levels will impact their community based on the year. The lens was available for 24 hours to celebrate Earth Day.


ocean spray cranberry field

4. PepsiCo.

Courtesy of PepsiCo.

To accomplish their goal to reduce their use of plastic and to use 25% recycled content in its plastic packaging by the year 2025, PepsiCo announced a new carbonated water dispenser that encourages reusable containers. Users will be able to choose the level of carbonation, flavour, and temperature. It also let them know the number of plastic bottles they are saving by using their own.

5. Pokemon GO

Courtesy of Niantic Labs

This one is from 2018 but it’s still one of our favourites. Pokemon GO, created a series of special in-app rewards for users that participated in clean-ups across America. More than 4,000 people attended the 68 local events. Overall, the event was so popular that the program was extended to the end of the month.

Every year, Earth Day is celebrated to encourage people across the globe to appreciate and learn more about taking care of our planet. In recent years, an increase in discussions about climate change and other environmental issues have inspired brands to get more involved in the most environmentally friendly day of the year. This year was no exception, with numerous high profile brands launching activations this Monday to take a stand and it was truly great to see!