How to Create an Agile Content Marketing Strategy

How do you create an agile content marketing strategy?

We’ve been hearing for the last several years that content is king. Recently, a new word has crept into the content scene: agile. What exactly is agile content and how do you create an agile content marketing strategy?

According to Dictionary.com, agile means 1) quick and well coordinated in movement; lithe 2) active; lively and 3) marked by an ability to think quickly; mentally acute or aware. Agile content, then, is the type of content that responds and adapts to the needs of your audience. It’s smart, active and can be adjusted at a moments notice.

Here are a few tips on creating an agile content marketing strategy based off of ‘The Business Case for Agile Content Marketing’ by Brian Clark :

Start With Research
Start any content project with understanding your audience. Figure out:

  • Who your target audience is
  • What challenges or hurdles they are facing
  • What their deeply felt desires are
  • How they are currently meeting challenges and fulfilling desires.

Speaking to the correct audience in the right way is the first step.

Research. Release. Optimize. Connect. Adapt. And then, repeat.

Remember, just like any promotional effort you put together for your business, agile content works best when it’s ongoing and consistent.

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