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How to Scale Your Social Media Strategy for Better Growth in 2022

Do you find yourself sticking to what you know instead of trying new things to stay fresh and relevant? Take innovation by the horns and supercharge your social growth in 2022.

1. Harness the power of social listening
Make sure you’re not only monitoring your social media insights but also analysing them so you can see who is talking about your brand and on which channels. This way you will always be on hand to respond to conversations and build your brand’s trust and loyalty.

2. Keep an eye out for your competitors
Knowing what your competitors are doing will not only guide you on what strategies you could implement but it will also show you what not to do. A competitor analysis is an ideal way to learn from your competitors and upgrade your own strategy.

3. Focus on engagement
Ensure your brand has the ‘wow’ factor. People are ultimately looking for something to effectively solve a problem and make their lives easier. So, when promoting your products or services, do it freshly and innovatively. Use your own unique brand voice to tell stories that will instantly capture and engage your audience. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

4. Share the content your audience craves
Cut through the noise, ensure your content is unique. Content is the most crucial element for boosting engagement, generating leads, and increasing sales and revenue. Make sure you are sharing original, relevant, informative, and useful content. Use search trend tools to identify the search terms directing the most organic traffic to your site and let that inform some of your content strategy.

5. Amplify your content

Paid ads are the way forward for amplifying your content. With paid social media ads, you can:

  • Boost online visibility
  • Expand your reach
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Get more backlinks
  • Increase engagement
  • Generate more leads and conversions
  • Earn more revenue

Try to ensure you’re always split testing your ads that way you can always use the highest performing ad for your brand.

6. Boost conversions with CTAs and Freebies
Make sure every single social media post has a call to action (CTA), that way you are always driving them to take action.

7. Start Generating Leads with Quizzes
Taking quizzes can be fun and people love to share their results on social media. There’s one major factor you have to consider before jumping in. The title must be right! Ensure it is eye-catching and something that can’t be resisted. Finally make sure that your results are shareworthy and include the perfect CTA to match your overall goal.

8. Collaborate with Micro-Influencers
Although micro-influencers reach is low their engagement rate is usually higher and that’s exactly what you need for growth. Monitor your social mentions and hashtags and keep your eyes out for your next collaboration.

9. Take advantage of live video streaming
According to recent studies, you could get 10 times more engagement with live video on social media. 80% of customers prefer watching live content rather than reading a blog (whoops!) Don’t miss out on this opportunity for growth, introduce yourself and your brand next time you go live. This will inevitably humanise your brand and continue to build trust, thus driving more sales and revenue.

10. Create carousel posts on Instagram
Make sure you have eye catching titles for each slide, short but engaging captions and don’t forget to include the CTA! According to an Instagram content study of more than 7.4 million posts, carousel posts generated the most engagement.

11. Expand your reach with relevant hashtags
Hashtags help you boost online visibility and expand your reach, therefore helping people find your content easier. Make sure you use the most relevant, short keywords as hashtags because they will always drive the best results.Don’t forget to check out what hashtags the influencers in your niche are using. Keep in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for the optimal number of hashtags and your industry may react differently than others.

12. Enhance your social game with AR
Did you know you can create social ads with AR filters that allow your followers to try your products virtually in their news feed? No matter your industry or niche, you can undoubtedly find a way to make AR work for you. Why not take advantage of shoppable features on Instagram and Pinterest, you can combine them with AR try-ons, to capture even more leads and conversions.

13. Be highly responsive to comments and messages
It’s time to make sure you’re showing your brand’s caring side. If your posts get lots of comments and you receive plenty of messages daily but fail to respond, many of your followers might lose interest in your brand. Show them that they matter and ensure you’re always responding correctly.

14. Show off your brands human side
Communicate with your followers as if you were talking to friends, it’s time to humanize your brand. Show the people behind the name and let your customers see your personality show! This is guaranteed to gain trust between you and your followers and it is what social media was originally intended for. Let us remind you that social media is not a sales platform at its core, but if you build a solid network the sales will naturally follow.

15. Build real relationships
Don’t focus on boosting your followers, focus on forging strong and meaningful relationships with your followers. That way you are always building trust and inspiring long term loyalty from your followers. Always remember that followers are not just a number we need to increase, they are people behind the figure.

16. Don’t forget about your brand identity
When someone looks at your social media content they should be able to recognise your brand through the visual language/identity that you use. There should be consistency across the posts you share regardless of the theme of the content. This is very important and you will see this uncompromising adherence to brand guidelines across all major brands.

There’s no magic button for growth on social media but these 16 steps will help you to stay consistent and always provide real value across your channels. Put the time in and reap the rewards of the effective social media strategy you have built.

If the above is either (a) double dutch or (b) something you would love to work on but have no time or resources to allocate to it, then get in touch with izest Marketing as this is exactly what we do!