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As experts in social media marketing, izest Marketing Group has long understood the importance of Instagram when it comes to generating brand awareness. This simple and generic platform is suitable for any brand and most business models. Thus providing the local cafe and a multinational consumer brand the same bandwidth to gain visibility through their page.

As Instagram continually changes its business elements and business account offering, more and more business marketers are jumping on board to leverage the platform and gain followers for their own product or service.

Instagram is continually enhancing the platform’s business elements and business account offerings. The result is that more marketers are coming around to the importance and necessity of social media marketing and content marketing. Through levering the platform to gain followers, they are able to expose their own product or service to new audiences.

As experts in social media, especially Instagram! We decided to share how we grow brands on Instagram by using key metrics from their Instagram business accounts.

We reviewed a number of our international client’s Instagram accounts over a period of twelve months to analyse their growth rate.

We then made YoY (year on year) comparisons from 2017 to 2018 using Instagram’s business analytics element to provide insights on how we grow Instagram business profiles through our social media savviness.

Our study was based on a number of izest IG accounts that we manage in the luxury and consumer brand sector.

Metrics Analysed (YoY) 2018 vs 2017

Golden Rule: Don’t buy Instagram Followers

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