Mobile Vs Desktop In Driving Traffic and Conversions

Mobile Vs Desktop : In Driving Traffic and Conversions

We conducted a study into how mobile design in the fashion and beauty industry influences user experiences in driving conversions.

As ‘mobile first’ experiences have become the focal point of web design, especially in the Fashion and Beauty Industry. We wanted to analyse the value of mobile in driving traffic and conversions for our clients user experiences. The most significant results were the change in sales revenue by platform with over 78% of all of our clients sales being derived from mobile devices, there were some other very interesting statistics as well….

The connection that users can cultivate on mobile is becoming more personal and intimate, affecting the content that people choose to absorb. This is apparent in the Fashion and Beauty Industry, where brands have utilised social media to connect with consumers, share content about product and encourage real-time feedback. This creating a culture of user-generated content that has allowed international beauty brands to increase brand awareness and develop online communities through social media shares.

‘Beauty fans apparently have 2.5 times the average number of followers on Instagram and follow four times the average number of accounts – it also enables brands to continue the cycle of advocacy’


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