oneAday - It's all about Marginal Gains!

Giving something back to Irish Businesses, to help others struggling at this time.


An initiative created by izest Marketing, encouraging Irish Businesses to collaborate and work together through these uncertain economic times.

As COVID-19 has impacted the Irish economy in unprecedented ways, many Irish businesses have been inflicted by either the economic downturn or HSE and Government regulations. Although these new regulations in social distancing were made with the best interests of public safety in mind, they changed many Irish industry sectors overnight who were forced to close as a result. 

Although our own physical operation closed on Friday March 13th we have been able to operate virtually since through cloud technology communication systems, providing support to our clients here in Ireland and overseas. 

We wanted to take a further step. Reaching out to others to provide a platform where businesses could come together and help one another in these tough  economic times. #oneAday is that platform. Based on the principle of ‘marginal gains’ #oneAday focuses on everyone involved doing #oneAday in terms of offering free services, advice, information and support. 

The Inspiration.  

The inspiration for oneAday has come in acknowledgement  from the efforts by others across the country, providing help and support and motivation amidst the COVID-19 crisis. 

Our Objective.

Our objective is to reach out to as many Irish businesses as possible to encourage them to get involved and offer their services and for others to take advantage of this free collaborative platform. 

The Influence.

The influence of the platform comes from the principle of ‘Marginal Gains’ or the 1% principle which is a theory focused on making small incremental changes in any number of processes, that when combined together, lead to an overall significant improvement. With #oneAday it gives everyone who’s involved, the flexibility to commit to a #oneAday cause without having to stretch their resources. That way everyone benefits from each other!

How oneAday works for you? 

  1. Register on our website – www.oneaday.ie
  2. As a registered business on the oneAday website you will be listed as a collaborator giving you full visibility about your company and what you are offering.
  3. If you see a company that might be able to help you can contact them directly through the platform. 
  4. We are interested in sharing our participants and collaborators experiences through our IG feeds and stories. We’ve even developed specific tags to be used @oneaday_ie and #oneaday_ie so we can create a story for all to see  the benefits of the initiative. 
  5. We would also encourage participants to pay it forward to other businesses to highlight how they benefited from the platform.

What could my #oneAday be?

Its entirely up to you, oneAday gives you the flexibility not to over commit but at the same time do something meaningful .

  • It could be a One Hour Call that you could to help other businesses through the platform.

Or possibly…

  • A One Hour of Pro Bono work if you have the resources to work on behalf of one of registered companies or charities in need. 


To find out more about what you can do for your #oneAday check out our website here: www.oneaday.ie 

Our Success so far. 

“We have been blown away with the support that we have received to date. In less than a week we have exceeded 115 collaborators listed on the website and we have over 800 followers on the @oneaday.ie instagram page. To put that into content, with 115 businesses/individuals offering a #oneaday, if you were to average their time at €100 per hour/consultation then the oneAday initiative is offering over €11,500 worth of free services per day, amounting to almost €60,000 over a 5 day week. That is a phenomenal contribution to small businesses, individuals and local communities and we are just getting started!!

Our intention is to create a long lasting network of like minded individuals that will be able to help one another to build their businesses back up after the COVID19 restrictions lift, and continue to support one another, long after we have re-established ourselves again.”

Laura Nolan – Commercial Director izest Marketing Group. 

So far the success of this initiative has been phenomenal, bringing together the best of Irish businesses working with each other to support, collaborate and better themselves in this period of uncertainty. We wanted to give something back, to help others struggling at this time. We thought by building a collaborative online platform we could connect people and businesses. We think we’ve done that and laid a solid foundation. As they say we’re all in this together! couldn’t be more true for the oneAday initiative.