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Kaliedy is a baby and nursery brand that was developed by Midnight (our sister branding agency) and it was designed to build out a range of specific baby products. When the owners decided to develop this brand into an overarching online retail business, as opposed to a brand for a specific line of products, izest Marketing was brought in to deliver a Brand Discovery Programme with the team to develop the brand identity, personality, and strategy for launching into the baby and nursery market.


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As with most projects, the initial stage is always research and in this instance, the baby and nursery market is a very well-established and competitive space. The owners of Kaliedy were starting this business from scratch so we had no previous social media or website to analyse but as they had owned Mothercare in Ireland, we were able to leverage some of the learnings from that very popular and prominent business. The key challenge with Kaliedy was that it was an unknown in a sector that commands a lot of trust among consumers and it was also unique in that it was an online-only retailer. Consumer behaviour in this industry would have evolved to include lengthy online research but traditionally it would require a visit in-store to physically see the products as they are typically high value and important items like child seats, buggies, etc.

The focus for the Discovery Programme session was on how to differentiate Kaliedy from its competitors, build trust among its target customers and find a way to deliver online the expertise and insight that people come in store to get. We spent a lot of time on the customer personas so that we knew as much as possible about the people most likely to engage with Kaliedy. Then we brought in the entire team to talk about their experiences with online retailers, what they do well and what they do poorly, and what they think Kaliedy would be able to do that would add value to the consumer.


Following a 2 week period of research and full-day strategy session with the team, we were equipped with the insights necessary to create the brand book for Kaliedy, a detailed breakdown of Who Kaliedy is? What do they do? Who do they do it for? What do they stand for? What do they aspire to? How they will get there? This document then informed a comprehensive 12-month marketing plan which incorporated all relevant areas of the marketing mix, budgets, timelines, and KPI’s for success. Kaliedy has now been trading for 9 months and has grown from strength to strength. With over 230,000 website visitors, 17,000 followers on social media, and average weekly impressions of over 120,000, Kaliedy is a brand that is well on its way to becoming a household name across Ireland.

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