Developing Ireland’s newest sneaker store

Strategy, Branding, Environmental Design, Digital Marketing, Website

The Challenge

Strategy / Brand Strategy, Positioning, Tone of Voice, Marketing Planning and Implementation

Brand / Branding, Visual language, Design, Packaging, Advertising

Environmental Design / Design and development of shop concept

Digital Marketing / Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing, Social Media Planning, Digital Ads Set Up & Optimisation

Website / User Journey Mapping, User Experience Design, Front End Design, Development

Movrs is a new multi brand sneaker store bringing a range of new and exciting brands to Ireland. With a sustainable focus, Movrs stocks more sustainable brands than any other sneaker store in the country. The main challenge for the development of the Movrs brand was creating a unique symbol to embody the new brand and ethos, but also creating a unique visually appealing style.

We were also tasked with the design of the new flagship shop for Movrs on Harry Street. The aim for the shop was to create an experience for customers with unique spaces for brands as well as interweaving sustainable elements and art within the store. Lastly we needed to develop a clean and user friendly e-commerce site.

Movrs Branded posters

The Solution

Our first step in the creation of the new brand was to undertake market research to find a space to differentiate Movrs from the other brands in the market. We mood boarded out the main options and from this created a bespoke symbol and logo for the brand. We then developed out a flexible visual style using a mix of typography, urban imagery and sustainable features. This was then rolled this out to all brand touch points.

On the store, we worked closely with the Movrs team and with our fitout partners to bring our initial concepts to life. We created a number of key design focal points within the store to engage customers but also allowing create unique spaces for brands.


We designed custom units with oak shelves and metal frames for each room on the ground floor. Each carries branded graphics to highlight key messaging. We installed a large moss wall with shelving to compliment the sustainable elements of the brand and also created some unique shelving sections. We also commissioned Claire Prouvost, a Dublin based French artist to create a one-off mural for behind the till. The design reflects the vibrant and varied brands and customers Movrs has.

Movrs logo
Movrs branded show box
Inside of Movrs physical store
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The Results Smile icon

The feedback from customer has been extremely positive with Movrs opening up a number of pop up stores over the next few months. Since launch Movrs has grown steadily with a strong online following now present.

The new site provides a sleek portal for customers with a clean user flow. Movrs has also expanded its range of sustainable sneakers with a number of new brands coming on board.

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