National Burger Day

National Burger Day celebrates everything we love about Irish burgers and each year crowns Ireland’s best burger and this year was bigger and cheesier than ever. National Burger Day was highlighted across social media, radio, online and offline platforms, with over a million people engaged and 22 thousand votes cast.

National Burger Day 2019

Map &

Two new innovative features to the campaign were a new interactive map which allowed user to check local participating businesses and vote through the portal, and our new mascot Benny.

Benny was sent out to the streets of Ireland as the Mascot of National Burger Day to help increase visibility and inform the public about National Burger Day. Due to the phenomenal popularity of Benny, exposure and visibility of the campaign has increased significantly with a number of businesses contacting us for a visit from Benny.Benny also gave us a great content stream and allowed us to create some quirky imagery and videos for the campaign.

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    Million People Reached
    Overall reach increased by 72%
    KPI was 20%
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    Votes Cast
    Votes increased by 32%
    KPI was 15%
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    Outlet Participated
    Participating businesses increased by 10.1%
    KPI was 5%
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    Facebook Followers
    Followers increased by 193%
    KPI was 20%

We created a new Instagram account for the campaign

Footfall on the day in participating businesses increased by 20% (KPI was 10%)

Use of #NationalBurgerDay increased by 311% (KPI was 25%) – used 988 times on the day.

The volume of PR coverage increased by 5.4% (KPI was 5%)

Website page views jumped to 209,114 (+25.8%)

We had 50,066 webpage views on National Burger Day alone (+47%)