POCO Jeans by Pippa

is a range of denim jeans launched by Pippa O’Connor Ormond in October 2016. The aim was to successfully launch the POCO brand as a new premium denim range to the Irish market and to change how Irish women shopped online for denim jeans.

Denim has always struggled to sell online due to the lack of innovative marketing strategies. Our objective was to change all that and make it easier and more attractive for Irish Women to shop online for Denim with POCO Jeans.

Brand design

Our plan was simple. We knew that the warmest leads, would be Pippa’s loyal following, and so we targeted them from the beginning in order to maximise conversion. From our research and previous campaigns with other brands, we knew that Pippa’s following trusted her opinions, values and her recommendations which lead to sales for other brands. We were confident that should she bring out her own range and release the product to them first, that Pippa’s following would feel like they were part of the journey & would be more likely to purchase.

The POCO brand was created to have a warm feminine style to reflect Pippa’s personality and resonate with her fans. The gentle watercolour pattern was created in the shape of a heart behind the POCO name. POCO, which are Pippa’s initials (Pippa O’Connor Ormond) had to appeal to the stylish, fashion forward, busy young woman of today. By including a mix of script and block capital font, we created that mix of Strength and Femininity that POCO is all about.

poco by pippa collection photo shoot

The site had over 167,000 visits over the first 6 weeks, for a brand with no previous awareness. 51% of that traffic was being searched organically.

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