Rebranding The Gate Theatre

The Gate Theatre has been at the forefront of Irish Theatre entertainment for almost a century and has gained an international reputation for works produced at home and toured internationally. From a brand perspective however the Gate had a range of logos in operation, multiple design styles and no consistency across its various forms of communication.

This was causing an issue for the Gate in communicating to their audience and brand recognition as over the years so many variants of the brand existed in every nook and cranny of the Theatre. They needed a cohesive new brand to represent this new direction.

Discovery Process

The first step in any piece of work is fully understanding our client and looking at things from their point of view. As part of the Brand discovery programme we uncover the history of our clients, how they currently communicate and what they want to communicate on in the future. The findings from the Brand Discovery Programme we conducted help guide and inform us on the direction for all future pieces of communication for the Gate Theatre. The rich history of the Gate also gave us a great starting point to investigate and ultimately lead us to a final solution for the new brand and direction for the Gate.

The Red Shoes - Rebranding the Gate Theatre

The new Gate website was created to allow audiences to browse the new season and give an insight into the gate and the new productions. The website offers users a much improved user journey through the productions landing page and onto a new full integrated booking system and purchase. The website styling has been created to flow from the brand visual language, and creates consistency across the brand.

The Paid Search Strategy

izest Marketing also took control of the Gate’s Google Ads account as part of the dedicated post launch support. The Search Marketing team at izest restructured their PPC Strategy with a new and more targeted campaign that had an objective to increase paid website traffic. Almost immediately there was a significant jump in online bookings from Google Ad click throughs. Within one month the results were impressive, with a substantial surge in online booking revenue due to a 15% increase in Google Ad traffic.

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past…"

The new direction of the Gate theatre, backed by a new identity has seen a significant surge in audience numbers, with the first sell out production of the Gate in decades with ‘The Great Gatsby’, followed by the one of the later shows in the season, ‘The Snapper’ which ran from June to September of 2018.

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