Tackle Your Feelings is an innovative and unique campaign aimed at breaking down the stigma around emotional vulnerability. The initial three-year campaign created by Rugby Players Ireland, in partnership with Zurich Ireland, focused on preventative mental wellbeing. Drawing on sport psychology principles, it encouraged people to improve their self-awareness and work on their mental wellbeing. Due to the success of the initial campaign, TYF has been relaunched with a new look app, website and strategy, continuing to build on the initial aim of the original campaign.


The objectives for the new campaign focus on improving mental health awareness in the rugby community and the wider public. The cornerstone of the campaign is a mental wellbeing app and an integrated website that provides an easy way for you to integrate positive mental wellbeing into your life and take control of your own mental wellbeing.

There are five distinct audiences being targeted over the next three years of the campaign. The main app is for the original target audience, alongside focused campaigns for schools, workplaces, Pro-Rugby Players and Athletes. Each one of these audiences has its own sub brand which continues the same look and unique custom logotype.  We have broken down the sub brands to represent the different target audiences with unique bright positive colour-sets. The main app still has the primary brand colour set so it can be easily identifiable for the original target audience campaign.



Tackle Your Feelings - Mental Wellbeing App

Campaign reach

The reach of the initial campaign surpassed all expectations and increased people’s proactivity and understanding of the personal relevance of mental wellbeing. It moved people fully along the pathway from ‘never thinking about mental wellbeing’ to taking action. The campaign was also successful in breaking down elements of stigma in individuals, with role modelling, authenticity, and appealing resources some of the key factors in the campaign’s success. Exceeding all expectations, TYF reached an international audience and inspired similar campaigns across the globe. The website was accessed in over 130 countries and the app was downloaded in 35 countries with thousands of active users. Having only just launched the second campaign, app downloads are currently at over 3000 with national reach of over 2 million people through traditional, outdoor & digital advertising.

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