Tackle your feelings have a vision for a society where emotional vulnerability is viewed as a strength. Where being honest with yourself about how you are feeling is brave. Where it’s second nature to connect with your emotions. Where you feel empowered to open up to others for support.

izest were approached to create a mental wellbeing app, based on sports psychology and positive psychology principles, which aims to help people develop their self-awareness and improve their mental wellbeing. The Tackle Your Feelings app was developed for both Android and IOS.


The Tackle Your Feelings project involved an exhaustive planning process to make sure every aspect of the app functioned and worked the way it was intended. The app would need to guide users through a ‘Training Camp’ programme to help them work on specific areas of mental wellbeing like Confidence, Satisfaction and Resilience. For each stage of planning we gathered members of the team from all sides of the project included development, marketing, design and psychology. We included multiple focus groups to test various areas and content and make sure the UX was as good as it could be.

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“Face your challenges head on. Empower yourself. Inspire others.”

Since the app has launched, the Tackle your Feelings campaign has seen a hugh surge in awareness and popularity which has seen the team performing workshops around the country for some of Ireland’s largest companies and groups to continue promoting mental well-being around the country using its combination of sports psychology and positive psychology principles. The app itself reached number one in the health and fitness category of the app store in within its first month.