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Strategy, Brand, Visualisation, Film & Motion, Website

The Challenge

Strategy / Brand Strategy, Positioning, Tone of Voice, Marketing Planning and Implementation, Product Naming

Brand / Branding, Visual Identity, Design, Advertising, Event Stands, Signage, Presentations, Printed Collateral

Visualisation / 3D Product Rendering

Film & Motion / Brand video, Editing, Animation

Website / User Journey Mapping, User Experience Design, Front End Design, Development

Created by TFI Marine over the course of 10 years, the “Seaspring” is an innovative mooring solution that can be fitted for use on all floating offshore structures. Highly adaptable and with many benefits, including cost, loads and maintenance reduction, this game-changing component will permanently change the floating offshore industry.

Our job? To showcase TFI Marine in a new light and help position them as industry leaders and innovators through their unique and clever mooring solutions.

Entering a competitive market with a new brand is no mean feat, so our first step was to undertake extensive research to find a space to differentiate TFI from other brands in the industry. Luckily, we love a challenge at izest and with a product as innovative and exciting as the Seaspring on the table, we set out to create a full suite of branding for TFI Marine that would reflect their exciting new direction.

The Solution

With competitors getting lost in a sea of blue, our solution came in bolder, louder colour applications that would grab attention and help TFI Marine differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Brand Architecture played an important role in developing the brand assets as, along with the Seaspring, TFI Marine offers a range of products and solutions for both the offshore wind and aquaculture industries. Clarity of brand identity and visual language would highlight the interrelationship between each product under the TFI Marine umbrella, bringing synchronicity to the overall branding.

To achieve this, we created a logo mark using strong iconography that would inform the direction of the brand’s visual identity. By choosing a bold colour palette with solid shapes used as patterns, graphical elements and housing devices, we were able to develop a flexible design system for the brand, allowing easy implementation across all brand assets.

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The Results Smile icon

Upon implementing the logo, we created a fully branded suite of assets for TFI Marine, from documents and presentation decks to landing pages, social media assets, brand videos and 3D renders to reflect the direction of the brand’s new look and feel. By injecting new life into the brand, our work has not only served to excite and motivate the company itself, but it has also made waves across the industry, with significant partners reaching out to work with us on similar projects.

The flexibility of the design and application brings consistency and confidence to the brand allowing it to stand out against competitors and positioning TFI Marine as industry leaders.

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