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Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development. We create beautiful, best in class websites that keep your users engaged and help you achieve your commercial objectives.


Our Approach

UI & UX experience are the core elements of any web platform and its design. At izest Marketing, we design and develop responsive, best in class UX centric websites. We are specialists in working with Shopify, WordPress, and Magento platforms. We have experts who will work on your website’s front and back-end functionality, creating a bespoke and engaging user experience, designed to facilitate all of your web platform objectives. All project development stages are managed using a structured delivery plan which has been perfected and tested to optimise the process for the client and ensure superior results.

Every project we tackle has creativity at its core and our digital designers are focused on creating compelling, interactive user experiences. Our developers can work on any platform or content management system you need so whatever your digital strategy, we have the tools needed to create your unique platform.


Workshops & brainstorming

The First Steps

There are many considerations for a business when entering into a website design and development project and it is crucial to be clear on the requirements for your specific brand and business. We kick off all website projects by delivering workshops and brainstorming sessions in order to understand what the website purpose, goals, target audience & content strategy will be. This phase forms the basis of the website brief and sitemap which will keep us aligned with the core objectives for the website during the entire process.

UX/UI Design


Getting Creative

The design phase starts with the creation of wireframes, this ensures that a clear flow of information is established. The wireframe is then used by the UX and UI designers and developers to visually map out the user flow for the site to maximise digital experience for the user but also ensure that the desired outcome for the business is optimised eg. e-commerce conversions, lead generation, content downloads etc.

Different design prototypes will be presented and we will work with you to meet your expectations at each stage to ensure we get to exactly what you and your business need.




Time to Build

Here, all of the individual graphic elements are taken from the design prototype and used to create the functional live site. A detailed development brief is created at this point describing the effects and animations that were established during the UX mapping and design.

Go Live


The Final Steps

The final stage of the process includes adding all of the text/image/video content and completing a full snag of the website to ensure everything is functioning and visually represented as intended. Finally, we move into testing & the go live process making your brand new website available for your customers to visit and engage with.

We will provide comprehensive training on how to manage the content uploads for your site and we will also provide an agreed period of technically support post go live.


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