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Show Your Pride: Proud Brand Activations in Pride Month

Proud Brand Activations for Pride Month!

June is the official month of Pride for those in the LGBTQ community. Show your pride! Take a look at how some of our favourite brands went proud and colourful with brand activations for Pride Month! So you can read more about the latest in marketing, website development, and more visit izest Insights.

According to Dublin Pride, the LGBTQ+ market and tourism sector is worth €843 million annually to the Irish economy. This is why it’s no surprise that brands are becoming more active during Pride Month. Take a look at how some of our favourite brands are showing their support for Pride Month!

It’s been 50 years since the launch of Pride as we know it when the riots at NYC gay bar Stonewall Inn happened. Every year, millions of people across the world are able to show their pride and celebrate their community. At the start of the month, many brands show their support with some sort of generic post and the addition of the well recognisable ‘rainbow logo‘. These brands went a step further by not only showing their support but working with local groups to raise funds and awareness.




It’s #SafeToDream with Aviva Stadium happened on June 4th, for the first time in it’s history the iconic Irish Sports stadium lit up in a rainbow of lights to celebrate Dublin Pride. The stadium could be seen in rainbow lights until June 8th and people were encouraged to share pictures on social media. The goal was to display it’s culture being based on openness and inclusivity with a sea of colour.



When the Union Cup, one of Europe’s largest LGBT+ inclusive rugby tournaments arrived in Dublin, this historic brand wanted to show their support. The iconic Guinness gates were transformed for the first time in their history. The rainbow gates encouraged people to #TryWithPride and stood as a symbol of their dedication to celebrating diversity every day.



Have you tried the #PrideShake from Wowburger this month? One of Dublin’s best burger joints teamed up with BeLonG To Youth Services on creating a limited edition lemon and strawberry milkshake where each one will see €1 going to the charity organisation. The message is Wow And Proud to continue championing fairness and equality in the LGBT+ community,




IKEA Rainbow pride bag carried by proud model

Source: IKEA US

IKEA created a new rainbow take on their traditional bag in support of the human rights campaign organisation. All proceeds from the $3.99 bag will go towards supporting the organisation. Don’t rush to IKEA just yet as these bags are only available at select US locations.



In honour of pride month, this gin brand released a limited edition Pride banner. A great way to celebrate the month in good spirits!



The proudest bus at Pride had a lasting impact. Dublin Bus’ Proud Dads campaign had Father’s surprising their children by offering to attend Dublin Pride with them. This tear jerker video was viewed over 7.5 million times in the first week and had over 136 million impressions worldwide. With that kind of impact, it would be surprising if the Pride Bus didn’t make another appearance.

These are only a few of the hundreds of activations that brands created for Pride Month, to support the LGBTQ community. It’s amazing to see the growth in participation for this celebration year on year. With the expectation for increased exposure further down the road, it’s reassuring a message of acceptance and equality for Irish generations to come.

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