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What we can do for you?

Irish Businesses alone spent €123 million in 2017, thats up 7% on 2016 and it’s estimated this will be even greater in 2018 as Irish companies realise the cost saving potential on Social Media advertising.

Targeting for better optimised results:

Target your advertising to your exact demographic: Social Media is a powerful tool in targeting advertising to your exact demographic. At izest Marketing we can leverage this tool to target specific age groups, audience geographical locations, company seniority and interests so you display your advert to right the audience at the right time!

We can add pixels to your websites so your adverts get retargeted to recent visitors after they have left. Only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit so we use re-targeting to increase your conversion rate.

Get results faster:

We get results faster so you increase your followers, connect with your customers quicker and analyse your conversion rates and other campaign KPI’s. The greater advertising budget you are prepared to provide the greater the scale of advertising reach to drive your brands awareness and social impressions.

"When Facebook fans post their questions online, only 30% of them receive answers" (Social Bakers 2018).

Connecting with your customers is at the core of your brands presence on social media. At izest Marketing we understand the importance of not only your brand connecting with your customers but also your social media as well. Through our advice and expertise we help our clients engage with their customers more effectively on social media. By embracing their organic audience and followers through amplifying their user generated content, launching targeted social media campaigns and also helping our clients understand which social media channel speaks loudest to their audience so they can interact.

izest Marketing

The Award Winning Social Media Marketing Agency.

  • izest Marketing Group has a proven track record in delivering successful social media campaigns across key social media channels. Our success in social media marketing has resulted in a substantial boost for our clients brand awareness alongside a massive impact on driving their overall commercial success.


  • We are experts at launching and executing result driven Social Media advertising campaigns by defining and engaging with the right target audience, ensuring your social media adverts get the traction and awareness they deserve on the right channel at the right time!


  • We believe that Social Media Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways in connecting your business with the right target audience online. We optimise and monitor all our clients social media content and advertising so they get the maximum in campaign reach and engagement whilst maintaining a realistic return on ad spend!
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