The Power of Colour in Brand Strategy [Infographic]

Ever wondered about the importance of colour in developing a successful brand strategy?

80% of people believe that colour increases brand recognition (inc., 2015)

What does this mean? Simple!  When it comes time for a person to recall a brand one of the first things that they are able to remember is colour. This is why when it comes to branding, no corporation should select their colours based on personal preference. It’s not so simple to say that a brand’s colour is purely strategic but the choice is based on the feelings and emotions that the brand wants to evoke from the consumer.

The goal of this infographic is to explore the psychology of colour by examining the associations that people have. A good piece of knowledge to consider next time you’re launching a new brand or thinking about a rebrand. It’s important to understand the connection that people viewing your content have with the colours that are being used.


RED- Passion, Anger, Love, Rage, Excitement

The colour red has two different associations making it a difficult colour to own. Often considered intense and violent because of its reference to blood, red is used to signal action or danger. Secondly, red is also known as being passionate and associated with love. Fun fact: Red can increase heart rates and appetites. Hence, the relation to excitement.

ORANGE- Vibrant, Friendly, Confident, Playful

Orange is often associated with the heat of sun and fire. Thus it is considered a high-arousal colour. It may stimulate feelings of energy, balance, and warmth. Its association with friendliness also allows for the colour to have an association with youth and children.

YELLOW- Positive, Sunny, Optimistic, Shine

Similar to orange, yellow is also associated with the sun and fire making it another arousal colour. It can be used to inspire feelings of hope or optimism. This colour is eye-catching and is known for its effectiveness for point of sale messaging

GREEN- Nature, Peace, Growth

Green is a lush colour that has frequent associations to nature. It also reminds people of good health, good wealth and good luck (i.e. four-leaf clovers). Despite all of these positive associations, green is also the colour of jealousy.

BLUE- Cool, Peace, Trust, Security

Calming like the sea, cool like the sky, the colour blue brings to mind peace and serenity. In contrast to red, the colour has been shown to lower blood pressure and calm the senses. Tech companies like to use blue because of associations with trust, security, and order.

PURPLE- Creative, Royalty, Wise, Imaginative

Purple was once considered the colour of royalty which might explain its associations with arrogance and mystery. A paler purple creates a sense of nostalgia while a darker purple creates an aura of regolness. Purple is considered to be a low arousal colour.

Brands look at each of these associations when deciding to create a logo, colour scheme and to confirm the overall aura that they want to give off. Some brands like Google and Microsoft, use multiple colours to convey multiple associations. Brands face a tough choice when it comes to branding and colour choice is only the beginning. While a focal point for many brands, there are numerous choices and thoughts that go into a brand’s image.

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