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Strategy, Branding, Website

The Challenge

Brand / Branding, Visual language, Design

Visualisation /  3D Rendering

Digital Marketing / Marketing Strategy, Social Media Planning

Film & Motion / Brand 3D Render Animations

Collateral / Printed and digital assets

Website / Site Map, User Journey Mapping, User Experience Design, Front End Design, Development

Cyber Cert Labs (CCL) is a forward-thinking cyber security company that wanted to break free from the mould of standard cyber security companies. They aimed to create a brand that was exciting, non-conventional, and completely unexpected in the industry.

CCL’s vision was to establish themselves as a leading European Cyber Security company by aligning their products and services with EU cyber security standards. They desired a unique brand that cut through the crowded market and embodied qualities of non-conventionality, straight talking and maverick thinking.

The Solution

To meet CCL’s unique branding needs, we crafted a visual language that blended minimalism, architectural precision, and technological sophistication. Our solution involved creating a bespoke logo mark, characterised by organic shapes that bridge the gap between the human and digital facets of the business. The logo was designed to be bold, unconventional, and unmistakably Cyber Cert Labs.

We also designed a suite of bespoke iconography and patterns, emphasising clean lines and a sophisticated, bold colour palette. Unique fonts were selected to convey a digital core, and custom 3D renders were developed for brand animations and imagery to distinguish CCL from typical cyber security cliches. The resulting brand exuded confidence and leadership in the industry.

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The Results Smile icon

The result is a brand that not only stands our from the crowd but also feels deeply rooted in the cyber security industry. CCL is on the verge of launching a new website with branded assets that embody their unique persona.

The brand’s distinct logo mark, iconography, and patterns have already made a significant impact, helping CCL break free from the industry norm and helping in their vision of being a pioneer in European cyber security.

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