Warriors For Humanity

Helping a charity to fight the good fight.

Strategy, Branding, Website, Apparel, Digital Marketing, Collateral

The Challenge

Strategy / Brand Strategy, Positioning, Tone of Voice, Marketing Planning and Implementation

Brand / Branding, Visual language, Design, Advertising

Apparel / Design of event kit

Digital Marketing / Marketing Strategy, Social Media Planning,

Collateral / Printed, digital and woodcut assets

Website / User Journey Mapping, User Experience Design, Front End Design, Development

Last year, social entrepreneur and humanitarian Alan Kerins approached the izest branding team with a unique and exciting challenge: to help bring his vision for his newly founded fundraising organisation Warriors For Humanity to life.

Warriors For Humanity was established as a collective movement aiming to encourage ordinary people to be extraordinary in their own unique ways. With the common goal of helping those in need, the organisation’s ultimate objective was to inspire individuals to become good ancestors and leave behind a positive legacy for future generations, united by a shared purpose: to be a force for change.

The Solution

Starting from a blank slate, our branding team got to work designing and implementing a unique and inspiring look and feel for the organisation that focused on the brand’s Irish heritage and its founders sporting legacy.

The “warrior” narrative, deeply rooted in Irish mythology, encapsulates the vision, values, and goals of the Warriors For Humanity organisation. It was important to the client that this be reflected within the visual identity, as the organisation is built on the ideals of tribal and community narratives, where its mission is to serve and empower underprivileged communities.

Creating a powerful graphical language, the branding team weaved the “warrior” narrative throughout the brand’s visual language using primitive shapes and mark-making to represent the positive campaigns the Warriors For Humanity volunteers are fighting for.

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The Results Smile icon

The new and highly evocative creative was seamlessly rolled out across all brand touchpoints from the website (also designed and developed by izest) and social media to bespoke Warriors For Humanity merchandise. Warriors (volunteers of the organisation) commented on the vibrancy of the branding, with the graphical language landing particularly well among the group.

Powerful iconography that could represent the brand on merchandise from sweatshirts and tote bags to bottles and badges helped further the sense of brand identity among the Warriors, leading them to feel like they truly “belonged” to a tribe united and empowered in their mission to bring about change and leave a lasting legacy for good.

Let the force be with you!

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