Redefining POCO’s brand position

Strategy, Branding, Digital Marketing, Website

POCO Branding
POCO Branding

The Challenge

Strategy / Brand Strategy, Positioning, Tone of Voice, Marketing Planning and Implementation

Brand / Branding, Visual language, Design, Packaging, Advertising

Digital Marketing / Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing, Social Media Planning, Digital Ads Set Up & Optimisation

Website / User Journey Mapping, User Experience Design, Front End Design, Development

POCO has been at the forefront of Irish fashion since 2016. As the brand has grown POCO felt the original design styling was a little too young for their audience. It was time to create a new, more grown up brand to help propel POCO forward.

As part of the new rebrand izest was tasked with redesigning the POCO website. The Brief was to create a new site which would feel more grown up and provide a new sleeker portal for customers with a new user flow.

POCO website screenshots

The Solution

First we brought together all stakeholders and got a clear picture of the desired outcomes for the projects. We looked at the current site, its shortcomings and how these could be addressed.

Next we undertook a competitor analysis, looked at what their customers buy, where they live and the feedback the brand has received. We also mapped out some clever pieces of functionality to improve the customer experience.

The new site reflects the new brand, using a predominately black and white colour palette with a touch of light pink as a highlight colour. The site incorporates a range of new pieces of functionality with clever rollover effects to enhance the user experience.
A new easy to navigate filter system has been added to the shop page which greatly enhances the user flow and ease for customers of finding a product.

POCO website screenshots
POCO website screenshots
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The Results Smile icon

The new site provides a sleeker portal for customers with an improved user flow. The fresh site fulfils POCO’s brief, wowing users and pulling them in with unique pieces of functionality such as liquid banner transition, rollover effects and a new clean layout with product features.

Since the launch of the new brand, conversion rate is up over 1%, a significant jump for the brand. Conversion rate on our new digital pop up shop was 3.5%. Returning customers are up by 8%. Overall the benefits to POCO from the rebrand have been significant and have helped transition the brand from a young start up to a more robust player in the Irish fashion industry.

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